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Product Number: 2300100
Product Hierarchy: 40500701
Product Line: 40


Unique Features: Seventeen high-quality Fender and other amp models including five new ones, such as ’57 Twin and ‘60s Thrift; 24 onboard presets (unlimited storage with computer); a full palette of effects including reverb, delay/echo, tremolo, phaser, with additional new effects including Big Fuzz, Green Screamer and pitch shifting (with even more available through Fender® FUSE™); new low-noise power amp platform; chromatic tuner; USB connectivity for user programming and audio recording output; auxiliary input for media player; Fender® FUSE™ application for deep editing, preset storage, patch swapping and free artist content; Ableton® Live Lite 8 Fender® Edition studio-quality recording software compatible with Mustang USB recording output; AmpliTube® Fender® LE edition with free Fender® FUSE™ editor/librarian software for Mac and PC (makes Mustang ideal for guitarists new to digital recording).


Height: 14.5
Length: 7.6
Volume: 0.988
Weight: 17.0


Front Panel: Black Front Panel


Channels: One Channel (with 24 Presets)
Controls: Gain, Volume, Treble, Bass, Master, Preset Select, Modulation Select, Delay/Reverb Select, Save Button, Exit Button, Tap Tempo Button
Inputs: One 1/4″ Instrument


Speaker: 1-8″ Fender® Special Design Speaker


Amplifier Height: 14.5″ (36.83 cm)
Amplifier Length: 7.6″ (19.3cm)
Amplifier Weight: 17 lbs (7.7 kg)
Amplifier Width: 15.5″ (40 cm)
Output Impedance: 8 Ohms
Power Handling: 20 Watts